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Shy little friend


By Janette


Digging hoeing,any work around the garden out comes our little Robin,treats are given to him ,oatcakes are his fav.,but do you think this little charmer lets me take just one photo of him NO CHANCE,flies of at the mear sight of a camara ON DAY

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:) Funny arent they Robin`s :) Iv not seen my little Robin 4 while now :( always about when i was digging & even had young with him/her last summer &fed it in my tree so i could watch:D Miss him/her so much :(

21 Feb, 2008


we have a little family of them in our garden, and the biggest one, i think he must be the daddy is very brave, when ever i am digging he sits on the handle of the folk/spade (the one i am not using!) and watches and waits for his oppotunity for a worm and then swoops down and then off, 5 miniutes later he is back for another!. but he won't let me get a good picture of him either, i have tried several times managed to get a couple but not good ones. i give them loads of food, but the only problem is we get lots of bigger birds that bully them. but i put so much out there they all manage to get plenty!

21 Feb, 2008


You get birds bullying your robins? We have a fierce one hear - he lets the sparrows up on the feeders and fat balls but as soon as they come near the ground where the bits have fallen he attacks them!! I guess he thinks the bottom bits are for him!! Again I find it difficult to take pics because I watch through a net curtain and as soon as you move it hes off. Cheeky chap though!

21 Feb, 2008


Do you get wood pigeons on your bird feeders? I do and I get really annoyed because one can clear all the food in less than a minute! I bang on the window, call Henry to chase them off, dash outside, but they just fly up into the nearest tree and laugh at me! they are getting SOOO daring! I will try to photo them - but I bet the sight of a camera will make them laugh even louder as they fly off....

21 Feb, 2008

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