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  • Penstemon (For my File) (Penstemon pinifolius (Pine Needle Penstemon))
    Penstemon pinifolius
  • Confused primrose! (Primula vulgaris)
    Primula vulgaris
  • Polyanthus (Primula polyanthus (Primrose))
    Primula polyanthus
  • Tidy up (Betula pendula (Silver birch)q)
    Betula pendula
  • Ruby Ficus as sun sets... (Ficus elastica)
    Ficus elastica
  • Plectranthus.. cillatus Troy's Gold !  (Plectranthus ciliatus (Indian borage))
    Plectranthus cili...
  • Hardy Fuchsia Magellanica (Fuchsia magellanica (Hardy fuchsia))
    Fuchsia magellanica
  • Jasminum nudiflorum (Jasminum nudiflorum (Winter jasmine))
    Jasminum nudiflorum


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