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  • New house martin nest boxes.
    Bird Houses
  • Robin
  • robin 3
    British Garden Bird Pictures
  • Pickwick Crocus
  • General view of the front garden looking across.
    Front Garden Ideas
  • Pachysandra terminalis (Pachysandra terminalis (Pachysandra))
    Ground Cover Plants
  • Some unusually coloured pansies.
    Pansies And Violas
  • Third Little Red Devil!
  • Cat on the bridge 🐈‍⬛
    Pet Cats
  • Flower of Rhododendron Sir Charles Lemon
  • Lophomyrtus x ralphii....'Magic Dragon'...New Zealand Myrtle.
  • Tulipa praestans

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  •  Busy bee 🐝  (Soleirolia soleirolii (Mind your own business))
    Soleirolia soleir...
  • One of my two tree ferns starting to unfurl.. (Dicksonia antarctica (Soft tree fern))
    Dicksonia antarctica
  • Japanese maple, behind the log shed. (Acer palmatum (Japanese maple))
    Acer palmatum
  • Another self seeder (Milium effusum Aureum(Wood Millet))
    Milium effusum

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  • Daphne bholua 'Cobhay Snow' (close-up) - 2020 (Daphne bholua)
  • Hollboellia
    My Garden
  • Malvern Spring Show 2019
    Malvern Spring Ga...
  • Autumn Tree's
    Belfair's Woods

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