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Apple pruning result

In my garden is an apple tree that I've had it about 35 years, sold to me as a Golden...



19 Apr, 2019

Bamboo Bother (but also sad)

We had been meaning to reduce and thin out the bamboo last year and didn't get round...

1 comment


19 Apr, 2019

Daylilies & others

I have hundreds of daylily scapes, and many have started opening. They looked a real...



17 Apr, 2019

Some like it pink

According to Wikipedia, “Trillium is a genus of perennial flowering plants native...



17 Apr, 2019


The sun is shining and I didn't need 6 layers of clothes to go out and take some...



17 Apr, 2019

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Thanks, lovely here and gardening completed for the day

On blog - Happy Easter


Not something I could contemplate with my little patch, love them though

Next time I'm at Hillier's I'll take photos of the bamboo "jungle" there, also huge clumps at Wisley, which demonstrates just how large a clump can get


That's nice to hear them sing. Things are getting busy here too up in the trees.

On photo - Spring Flowers


Also don't forget the time differential! :)

On question - 8 Contestants


I'm sure people didn't know what they were voting for, can we have another go?

People's Vote

On question - 8 Contestants


Its beautiful Dd, we have just decided to take out our black bamboo too, hubbys got the hard task of getting the very large clump out, was expecting to just reduce and thin out but it's got too big. Look forward to seeing the rest of your garden, stunning as ever :-))

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