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August in Lincolnshire

Once again while driving around the lovely Lincolnshire countryside, I stopped to...



23 Aug, 2019

What a glorious August day.

I have spent most of the day in the garden as it has been so warm and sunny. My husband...



23 Aug, 2019

Little & Large

A couple of weeks ago Scotsgran kindly sent me a white version of the Lychnis plant...

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23 Aug, 2019

August in the garden...

To say I'm pleased with it this year is not an exaggeration, its so colourful, often...



22 Aug, 2019

In the garden between showers.

We have had so much rain here in Glasgow I have webbed feet. Hopefully some good...



22 Aug, 2019

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So much colour in your pretty garden, ,Chris,and it all looks wonderful..I too love Japanese Anemones..I have the pale pink,and the white ones..such good 'doers' I find..Your Roses are a delight,and I'm sure the odd leaf or two with blackspot,isn't just confined to your garden ! looks like we are in for a lovely warm few days ,so let's make the most of them :o)


'Fraid so


I absolutely love that first one, the other two are impressive but do not have the same appeal as the cottage. Lovely photo's Kate..


Thankyou all, I'm pleased we have done these jobs, I seriously do not think the old fence panel would have lasted another winter and I hate working out in the cold, I am the general dogsbody when such things are going on, lol...Toffee is weird, we had a lot of sparrows nesting in that hedge, would you believe he never once stalked them or attempted to get near them, as I said he is one comical cat....


Maybe the fruit shrivelled so quickly because their skins split? Similar to tomatoes that have uneven watering or temperatures. Definitely go with ericaceous compost & fertilisers though, big pots too


Thank you Wildrose, it’s always a lovely drive, in any season.

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