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😱Well what a day that was!!

Having decided not to open the garden this year, we then decided that we would, ...



19 Jun, 2019

Baby Blackbird and Dad with No Tail?

This male blackbird has happily been feeding his baby bird all week or more but we've...



19 Jun, 2019

Two blogs in two days - not like me at all!

The sun has decided to shine so I have seized this memorable moment in June 2019...



19 Jun, 2019

Sorry state of life

Hello all,its been a while but lots happening in my life,my mum died 9th march here...



18 Jun, 2019

Improvements ... beofre and after.

At the bottom of my garden I had two mini greenhouses that were just balancing on...



18 Jun, 2019

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Great Grandparents? You aren't old enough for that!! Congratulations lovely! Looking forward to the photo. :) x I don't think I shall ever get the engraved trowel. Scott is already fed up of opening the garden...mostly because of the weather. :S


Gosh Meadow that was quick!! thank you so much, not sure where to place the trowel, far too good to use!! another 10 years and you get a fork, to go with it ha ha...(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)


Rachel was just saying that too. In Dorset it has been threatening rain all day, but so far no actual rain. Frustrating. At least when it rains you get out of having to water the garden!

On photo - Invitation To Sit


I've always loved deciduous Larches, but obviously don't have room for a Forest tree, so when I saw this in the local nursery it sold itself!

On photo - Across The Pond


Congratulations all round, you said,many silver both put much energy into your garden and deserve the rewards. Where will you place the engraved trowel?


I hope the rain holds off for your sniff they say we are in for a heat wave.

On photo - Rosa Peace

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