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I ventured outside

Thanks to Klahanie posting a pic of Eranthis flowering now, I ventured outside to...



19 Jan, 2021

Thank You Everybody

Hello Everyone, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has corresponded with...



19 Jan, 2021

Water colour art

Hello Meadowland These are a few samples of various water colour paintings I have...



18 Jan, 2021

Water colour of the River Wye painted 2 years ago.

Showing this is going to be,hopefully, the first step to returning to starting water...



17 Jan, 2021

It is going to be alright!

I had a walk around the garden this morning and my spirits soared when I spotted...



17 Jan, 2021

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I love it Kate , You can keep the pigeon Paul his name is Henry you can return him with some of your delicious cookies one day 😀


Thanks....the latter is the one I would want....what a pity you don't have the name. Never mind..."keep calm & keep looking" my message to me!!!

On question - I am branching out


Thank you
I would like the Eranthis to self seed, so I've have kept Eranthis cilicicia and hymenalis in separate parts of the garden as I understand they can cross pollinate to produce a sterile hybrid.
I do like silver leaved Plants. I have several shrubby ones. Convolvulus cneorum, Curry Plant, Brachyglottis, sort of grey/silver.
I have an edging of silver leaved Cyclamen hederifolium, all from the one original bought plant. I don't understand why the seeds germinate on top of the corm, that's not a good survival strategy, waiting for me to pick them out.

On blog - I ventured outside


KLAHANIE, if you look carefully at my pic, on the right is a black pipe of my auto timed water system. (Waters all my conservatory plants). It comes on once a week in the winter for 20 mins but the nozels are turned right down on the Orchids so get only about 100ml. I do however give a cup of water with a few drops of bloom feed about once a fortnight. (Water on Wednesdays, feed on Fridays)
In summer they get watered perhaps 3x a week in their hanging tubs outside, till the water runs out of the holes round the bottom edge. (The Orchid compost dries out so rapidly)
Yes, AMY, do show us a pic when your Orchid flowers. What a nice gift to remember them by.

On photo - Yellow Cymbidium


you are welcome Sophie.

On question - Thankyou Seaburngirl


That's amazing HB

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