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Installing Fake Grass in California

Artificial grass offers numerous benefits across various aspects of landscaping and...

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28 Nov, 2023

Garden center event 2023

Our closest garden center had an annual pre- Christmas event. I think they put it...



27 Nov, 2023

Mini blog again! No photos sorry.An unusual Saturday.

Saturdays are usually spent gardening here but with the freezing conditions outside...



25 Nov, 2023

Garden Season Over in central Ontario

By John Beaulieu (pronounced BOWL-you) We have had day-time temperatures in the single...



24 Nov, 2023

November flowers

For me, November is Dahlia month! I have a Dahlia campanulata. It starts growing...



20 Nov, 2023

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It's very cute Ange.

On photo - Alpaca


Meadow, you would not want to be a plant in my garden!

Klahanie: we have the wrong sort of soil to be able to plant camellias in the garden. All mine are in pots so I don't expect them to go on forever. I enjoy them while I have them! Mine have spent the summer tucked in beside the greenhouse, north-facing but with a fair amount of sun. We bring them out round the house in the winter so we can see them in flower. This one and another is under my open, south-facing front porch. The other one has more buds than usual too, though no flowers yet.

Thanks, Paul and Sheila.


Glad you like, Paul.

Thank you for all the info., Hywel, I shall look out your blogs. Needless to say there was no info on the cactus as to name, just 'cactus mix'. Now I shall know how to look after it better. The red-topped echinocereus was named. I have had it for 6 months, from the Malvern Show. I had read about it and think it is a very pretty one. They say it is not long-lived in the info I have been able to find. No flowers yet: it's a very small one!

On photo - Alpaca

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