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Visit to a longstanding friend this morning.

A friend of 40 years who actually encouraged me to 🎨 paint. Very grateful to her...



3 Feb, 2023

Inspired by Shirley’s blog, we also had a day out!!

It was so lovely to see the signs of spring at Nyman’s in Shirley’s blog, that today...



3 Feb, 2023

Nymans on 1st February 2023

A message came through from The National Trust inviting members to 'Discover carpets...



2 Feb, 2023

I’m back after 13 years away…..

I can’t believe it’s been that long, my life turned upside down and I retreated from...



1 Feb, 2023

February Ist in my Garden....

White Rabbits one and all.....Despite the freezing conditions we had in the last...



1 Feb, 2023

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Hi Rose and Kate, It certainly was a WOW! and the colours are wonderful, but don't last long.

On photo - P1030423


Lovely painting Julia. I bet your friend Rhona was very pleased.
I sympathize with her about those rabbits. They are even less fussy what they eat than deer. I have plenty of them also. But, they are cute animals.
Seems like you had a nice visit with her and thank you for sharing it with us.


A lovely blog & your friend is a very lucky lady to live there! Your gift of a painting for her birthday must have been received warmly!


What a wonderful time you must have had at Rosemoor! I've never had the opportunity of visiting either.

What a wonderful collection of Snowdrops, Dogwoods & Hellebores they have there! Thanks for showing us around!


A very good idea so he could keep his feet warm!

On photo - Cold today


I definitely enjoyed 'our' day out!!! Wonderful pics, Shirley! Those hellebores.. beautiful, each and every one! From the Daphne to the Camellias...gorgeous indeed! Lots of attractive shrubs, wildlife and unique surprises to be seen!
Hope you had a fab day!

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