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Smog to hit south London - dust from the Sahara desert covers cars in dirt


By alextb


Sutton Guardian

Smog to hit south London – dust from the Sahara desert covers cars in dirt

One of the worst smogs of the year is set to hit south London this week.

The Met Office has forecast the highest level of air pollution in the capital and southern England on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Today’s level in Croydon is 8 out of 10 and could reach 10 out of 10 this week, forecasters warned.

Dust from a Saharan storm, which was brought up to southern England from North Africa, covered cars with dirt last night.

Car owners woke up to find their vehicles covered in a thin layer of dust after showers during Sunday night.

Those with respiratory problems and adults with heart problems are being advised to avoid strenuous exercise during the smog.

Croydon Advertiser

Saharan dust expected to give Croydon car washes a busy week

Vehicles throughout Croydon and the south east have been covered in a thin film of dust brought over by winds from the Saharan Desert.

Experts have attributed the dust to a sandstorm in Algeria, in north Africa, which launched the sand high up into the atmosphere.

The yellow-red mineral powder was carried across Europe by winds and mixed with rain clouds, leading to the powder being brought down in rain showers.

Emma Sharples, from the Met Office, said: “This does happen, it has happened before, but you need the combination of elements.

“The sandstorm in the Saharan region, the wind from the south/south east, and the right sort of rain.

“You need a light rain, not too much – just enough to bring it down and then when it dries out it leaves that residue on cars.

“It’s probably because the rain is not that heavy that it does not get brought down and washed off straight away.

“Of course it isn’t dangerous. The most it’s going to be is an inconvenience to people who have it on their clean cars.”

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I thought my car looks dusty! and I, m in the midlands, its happened before I think its when we get southeasterly winds, unusual direction , its from europe

31 Mar, 2014


My car was covered in this dust this morning and I live in Hertfordshire so it spread a lot further than South London. As Pamg says it is something that has happened before.

31 Mar, 2014


I wondered why my car looked so dusty this morning, it was fine yesterday! Glad I didn't take my car through the car wash yesterday as I was going to do.

31 Mar, 2014


Ours was fine when we went into a Restaurant at 4.30pm last night,and then there was a light shower..Came out at 6'30pm,and all the cars were travelled as far as us in Yorkshire..all clean again now :o)

31 Mar, 2014


I have just been watching the local weather forecast for our area. Yesterday the weatherman said that we would have bright sunshine all day tomorrow. I noticed that the sun was very hazy and never realy got through properly today....then he said the reason was the Sahara that was the reason for the hazy sun here.

31 Mar, 2014


So's mine Bloomer its been pouring with rain!

31 Mar, 2014


It has been hazy here ; that is the probable explanation then .
Thanks for that , Alex .

31 Mar, 2014


When I finished planting yesterday, it started raining, and when I looked out later, the cars were covered.

We had some heavier rain overnight, which washed it off the cars.

1 Apr, 2014


We have this in East London too. I read in the paper that it is not from the Sahara but from a meteor hitting the moon. Apparently it is moon dust!!!! Then I looked at the date:)

1 Apr, 2014


Yeah Nannijii, you have to be aware of the April Fools pranks.

1 Apr, 2014


I get morning emails from net weather .....Its moondust :0)
On april 1st, I like these funny april fool jokes

1 Apr, 2014


Pam, they can be funny.

2 Apr, 2014

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