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Cats: Thanks for the hint about using charcoal to sweeten the ground. The lime I spoke of is garden lime, not the quicklime the Nazis used. I intend to put a tablespoon diluted with 2 gallons of water into a watering can, and pour onto remains of the offending spot when I have picked up the poo, I clean that patch every day, sometimes twice a day.

Trees: I have 2 miniature apple trees which produced loads of apples last year, but this year, no apples, and they have crinkly leaves – some sort of disease? I seem to remember I had this years ago (they are about 20years old). Can anyone tell me what it might be please?

2016 Autumn: as I said, apple trees had crinkly leaves and were covered in aphids. So now, to start the spring, I have given the trees a winter tree wash, put green sticky bands around the trunk, and crushed shell powder at the base; this interferes with the aphids breathing. So I am hoping this will stop the aphids this year…one can only hope!

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