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Spring cleaning!


My new filter for my pond has been/is working really well and keeping the water crystal clear! However, when I turn off the pump to have to the water still whilst feeding the fish I have noticed a large deep amount of silt piled up on the pond bottom. Yesterday’s decided to drain and remove a large portion of the leaves and muck from the pond bottom.

The first picture shows the begining of the pond being drained!!

These second two photos show the depth and amount of silt and sludge in the pond bottom, at one point the brick you can see was completely buried by the silt.

Next to come is the pond after is had been ‘scooped’ out with plastic seaside bucket and spade and the liner brushed down with an old brush. Then I decided to have all three waterliilies raised up on pots and bricks at the same depth and level and in the area of water that is at its stillist and area which gets the most sunlight.

This picture is of the immediate result after the pond had been refilled and the fish were back in their home and the pumps and filter unclogged and refilled.

Finally, here’s the pond this morning!! Clean and clear!!

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Looks great! I have a very small pond no filter I'm afraid but I only put it in for the frogs!! It's amazing what wildlife we get though, newts frogs, water boatmen etc

11 Apr, 2015


Thankyou! And I know right! We get tonnes of wildlife!!

11 Apr, 2015


I think it's because the pond did/ was half full of water soldiers, which when they sank to hibernate in the winter, the fish tore apart so they've all just rotted. That and excess fish food/waste that the pumps haven't sucked up. It's Definitley not tree and plant leaves as there is a net that goes over it in autumn before the leaves drop.

11 Apr, 2015


looks good. I should have done ours but the plants are too far on now to do it. October will have to do instead.

11 Apr, 2015


Haha! I only intended on draining half out and putting in a bit of fresh, then when I started I couldn't stop!

11 Apr, 2015


I suspect that the fish produce a good quantity of 'waste'

I don't have fish to think about but noticed that I've acquired some water snails over the winter.
My pond is tiny and I'll try to siphon out the gunk with my old aquarium siphon (if I can find it) rather than empty the water out.

12 Apr, 2015


I have a pond siphon but I wanted to do a water change too!

12 Apr, 2015

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