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Genus: Aquilegia.

Species: Aquilegia alpina.

Aquilegia is best suited for woodland gardens and tolerate shade. However, they can also cope with a lot of sunshine so this seems like a good all-rounder and perfect for the first-time gardener. My flower bed in the back garden (where the Aquilegia are planted) gets full sun from about 9am to 6pm but it seems they would cope in the front garden too which is in shade till about 3pm. Aquilegia is good for attracting bees and can resist garden pests well.

They've done really well in my flower bed (despite being trampled during the Easter Egg Hunt) and some flowers have bloomed! My first flowers in my new garden grown all by myself. The sense of achievement is immense and I didn't even do much work with these guys. Minimal fuss to plant and minimal attention to grow. The only worry I have is that they seem to self-sow quite easily so I'll need to de-seed them after the blooms have died off to prevent any runaways!

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