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Japanese Painted Fern

Genus: Athyrium.

Species: Athyrium niponicum.

Deciduous Japanese Painted Fern - ideal used as foliage interest to contrast with other shade loving woodland plants. A deciduous fern. Silvery grey fronds with purple midribs. Use in front of taller plants for contrast. Originated in South Japan.

Suitable for herbaceous borders and shady pond borders.

Height and spread 45 x 45cm

Add well rotted leaf mould with 25% sharp sand to top 30-45cm of soil. Remove old fronds in spring after last frosts to allow new growth to uncurl. Allow plant to mature and harden before winter. Protect plants during severe weather by mulching the crown or by covering. In hot dry conditions a fine spray of water will refresh and humidify plants.

Planted in the shade border

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