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Coreopsis Early Sunrise

Genus: Coreopsis.

Species: Coreopsis Early Sunrise.

Also known as Tickseed. Plants form a low mound of leathery green leaves, bearing many upright stems of large golden-yellow semi-double daisy flowers for many weeks, starting in early summer. Removing faded flowers regularly will encourage blooming to continue into the fall. This is a medium-sized selection that will not get overly tall or floppy. Plants are easily divided in early spring, and this should be done every 2 to 3 years. Tolerant of hot, humid summer climates. Excellent for borders, as well as in containers. Attractive to butterflies. Species is native to the southern USA.
Dead head faded flowers regularly to encourage more blooms to be produced throughout summer. In autumn cut back old stems and apply a mulch to protect the plant from winter cold. Height 45cm (18in), spread 45cm (18in). Requires full sun in any well-drained soil. Flowers May – September.

Planted in the long border, in front of the verbena.

Photos of this plant

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