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Venus fly trap

B52: is known as the famous "World's Largest Traps" Venus Flytrap. Though it may be dethroned from this title by the newly released DC XL Venus Flytrap, it is nonetheless without question one of the most impressive Venus Flytraps that exist, developing huge wide traps, and often exhibiting striking bright red colour on its trap interiors. It is truly a superior Venus Flytrap, in a class of its own. ( 2 Plants )

All Green Form: One of the most vigorous Dionaeas, this plant has an absence of red colouration, even if grown in high light levels. The resulting traps are a brilliant lime green/yellow colour which makes a really good contrast to the all red forms. Produces traps large enough to catch blue bottles and spiders. Easy to see the shadows of the prey caught in the traps.

Flower Spike: This plant originally came from a flower spike removed from one of my plants in my collection. As I didn’t expect the spike to produce anything I chose not to label them. Probably best described as a “Lucky dip”

Small Rosette Form: See picture

Big Mouth: Venus Flytrap is prized for its large traps, deep colour and neat growth habit. Unlike most Venus Flytraps that grow taller and thinner during the summer and can look a little "leggy" and unkempt, Big Mouth's leaves grow prostrate in a neat rosette close to the ground year round.

Great White Shark: A cross between 'South West Giant' x 'Shark Tooth’. The traps have good red colour with the triangular teeth of the 'Shark Tooth' with the size and vigour of 'South West Giant'.

Slack's Giant or G16: A giant Venus flytrap clone with excellent deep red coloration on the interior of the traps. An absolute stunner of a plant! Late in the year this flytrap always draws our eyes to it with the excellent coloration and extremely large traps.

Burbank's Best: See picture

Micro Propagated Clone: I purchased these plants from a grower who was selling off his full collection 2015. These plants were sent to me labelled “735”, the grower at that time was unsure what the “735” stood for.

BCP D05: Best Carnivorous Plants have propagated a lot of forms of Venus Fly Trap by tissue culture, and are distributing them under clone numbers.
Robust plant, blood red colour inside of big traps, sometimes red line outside, always ground traps. (BCP.)

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