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Verbena (purple)

Genus: Verbena.

Species: Verbena bonariensis.

Purchased from - local gardener 2006
Purchase cost - £3.50
Current height x spread 2008 - 6ft x 1ft
Expected height x spread -
Habit - Tall stems.Purple flower cluster at end of each stem/branch from late June to October. Prolific self-seeder.
Garden placement - has now self-seeded all over front garden gravel area. I have transplanted some seedling to other areas in front and back garden.
Personal notes - Need plenty of water when transplanted
as tend to head-droop.
Plant seeds March/April.
Cut dead growth back in spring to avoid winter frost damage.

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Reminders for this plant

Due almost 16 years ago:

Transplant seedlings

Transplant self-seedlings to back garden

Due about 15 years ago:

Sow seed

Time to sow harvested seed

Cut out dead growth