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Impatiens (sultanas, busy lizzies)

Genus: Impatiens.

Species: impatiens wallerana.

These are some of my favorite flowers - my mother has always had a ton in her garden and I just love them. They remind me of home. If you've read my blog you know most of the impatiens I tried last year died - they were the "Super Elfin White," "Super Elfin Pink" and "Super Elfin Mix". But I still have one - a "Super Elfin Red" which is doing quite well in its own clay pot, and looks like will survive the current heat! The red one did so well I have now added a "Super Elfin White" to the other clay pot, and hope it will do as well! Well, the heat wave has finally done the white one in. I think. It looks like it's dying, but I plan to put it out near the red ones and see what happens. The roots still seems strong. If it doesn't work I will get another one and plant it BUT on the balcony, not the stairwell.

Photos of this plant