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Experimental trellis

Experimental trellis

I put this up to protect the flower beds from my crazy dog, pointless, he still jumps straight over it landing in the flower bed. Back to the drawing board, it's all a bit trial and error.

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how to dog-proof a garden - tricky!

15 Apr, 2009


It would look nice with something growing up it. Maybe that would deter the dog aswell.

16 Apr, 2009


Hi Hywel, good to hear from you. There is a climbing rose slowly climbing up the arch in the left of the picture. The flower bed to the right of the picture is now non existent due to the building the wall project, so the trellis has been put to use elsewhere. The remaining plants seem quite content to keep growing despite all the chaos. The fresh green plant to the right of the arch are tall daisies, and the others are hardy blue and pink flowers that return each year. I would love to know what they are called if anyone can help. I really am a novice at this, I put seeds in, forget what they are and just hope something grows. This year I am taking on lots of information on how best to deal with roses, compost bins etc, but am keen to learn as much as I can without it being too technical.

Bernieh, dog proofing a garden is proving difficult for our one mad dog. The other two dogs are fine and not a problem. We have decided to garden proof the mad hound rather than dog proof the garden. The mad hound will be starting an intensified training course with the use of deterrents everytime he wreaks havoc, and treats when he behaves appropriately. My daughter is the expert dog trainer in our family so she has relished the challenge. Watch this space for updates!

20 Apr, 2009


If you could put a photo of the blue and pink flowers maybe someone could identify them for you. They are difficult to see in this pic.

20 Apr, 2009

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