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Genus: Hebe

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The genus is named after the Greek goddess of youth. Hebes grow in most soil types and can be propagated easily. The are found in many gardens and are known to attract butterflies. The Hebe Society is a registered charity that was formed for people interested in hebes and their website provides a wealth of information.

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  • Winter's Coming... (Hebe andersonii variegata)
    By terratoo..
  • Hebe 'Heartbreaker' (Hebe)
    By spritzhe..
  • Hebe - Addenda Lisa (Hebe)
    By Janey
  • Hebe 'Magic Summer' (Hebe)
    By spritzhe..


Care tips & Questions

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Advice on pruning hebe

12 replies


26 Jan, 2008

Is Hebe speciosa hardy?

2 replies


16 Sep, 2007

Hebe speciosa hardy to -5C?

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16 Sep, 2007

Species of Hebe

  • Hebe acutiflora
  • Hebe albicans
  • Hebe amplexicaulis
  • Hebe armstrongii
  • Hebe barkeri
  • Hebe brachysiphon
  • Hebe breviracemosa
  • Hebe buchananii
  • Hebe canterburiensis
  • Hebe carnosula
  • Hebe chathamica
  • Hebe cheesmannii
  • Hebe ciliolata
  • Hebe colensoi
  • Hebe cupressoides
  • Hebe decumbens
  • Hebe dieffenbachii
  • Hebe diosmifolia
  • Hebe elliptica
  • Hebe epacridea
  • Hebe gibbsii
  • Hebe glaucophylla
  • Hebe gracillima
  • Hebe haastii
  • Hebe hectorii
  • Hebe hulkeana
  • Hebe lavaudiana
  • Hebe leiophylla
  • Hebe lycopodioides
  • Hebe macrantha
  • Hebe matthewsii
  • Hebe obtusata
  • Hebe ochracea
  • Hebe odora
  • Hebe parviflora
  • Hebe pauciramosa
  • Hebe pimeleoides
  • Hebe pinguifolia
  • Hebe propinqua
  • Hebe rakaiensis
  • Hebe raoulii
  • Hebe recurva
  • Hebe salicifolia
  • Hebe salicornioides
  • Hebe speciosa
  • Hebe stricta
  • Hebe subalpina
  • Hebe subsimilis
  • Hebe tetragona
  • Hebe tetrasticha
  • Hebe topiaria
  • Hebe traversii
  • Hebe trisepala
  • Hebe venustula
  • Hebe vernicosa