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Quite pleased with this growing in pot.Didn’t have a place to put it in garden as I believe they grow quite big.

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They grow as big as you let them. The neighbour cuts his down to 12" every spring to keep it in check.

it will need a lot of water in a pot mind.

They are lovely plants though.

21 Jun, 2023


I have Sambucus 'Black Lace' and, as Eileen says, it can grow pretty tall. In fact, I have just trimmed some off of mine to give another shrub some more light!

21 Jun, 2023


It looks nice in a pot. I keep cutting mine back, it sends out long branches all the time. The flowers look very pretty against the dark leaves.

21 Jun, 2023


It looks very nice in that pot. It has a nice shape.

22 Jun, 2023


Thanks everyone?I am pleased with it.

23 Jun, 2023


Left to itself it will grow as big as a wild elder. i wouldn't think it will be happy in hat lovely pot for very long though unless you are going to experiment with bonsai.

23 Jun, 2023


Absolutely lovely plant, hopefully you'll manage to keep it contained. Mine got smashed and broken by the wind so in the end I had to remove it, nowhere in the garden was safe, such a shame.

1 Jul, 2023

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