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how do i break this eare up


By irene24


Any ideas be great

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Well, you could make that side border a whole lot wider and plant all kinds of things in there. Have you had a look at the GoYpedia section on back gardens for ideas:

you might find some inspiration there....

12 Apr, 2013


I would make both borders wider with winding edges
by laying the hosepipe along to cut to and get them right.
It will make this garden look more interesting.
Dig manure or compost into that tired old soil to improve it before putting plants in.
Remember to look for shade loving plants for the shady side of the house, and full sun plants for sunny sides.
Look for local plant sales, Flower Festivals, Open Gardens etc have them, cheaper way to stock a whole garden.

Gifts of containers for your birthday would make the concrete drain cover more interesting. Always use best quality peat based compost in them, and top with bark chippings to conserve moisture.

Good luck.

12 Apr, 2013


Hi there Irene, do not try to do too much in one go. Take out a little grass every year, that way it will not be a chore. If you want a bigger piece taking out I would mark it out, take off the grass and then maybe if it is very compacted take a rotavator to it. You can hire them or borrow them from someone. The way I did mine was to take a little bit off each border every year, it got wider and wider with time and not much grass left at all now. I did put some before and after photos on here a long while ago if you can find them. It looks like that grass of yours has been a big play area and needs work doing on it. The best advice for grass I found was to keep it short and well fed it will green up in no time. Make yourself a little plan even if it is only in your head, (like mine are) that will keep you busy for a while. I did my planning in a winter and then set to it in spring. It was hard work but well worth it in the long run. Hope that helps, good luck.

13 Apr, 2013


Thanks everyone for your ideas will look at the photos on here for some more ideas. Iwill start of slow as Oliveoil seguested might turn the square into a circle? Widen the borders ,move some plants later in the year

13 Apr, 2013


Good thinking. I wouldnt advise the Rotovator though, a border fork will soon sort those areas without making you a nervous wreck !

13 Apr, 2013

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