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Miss me anyone?


By jan65


Well, I don’t know if anyone did, but I haven’t visited the site for a while – about a month I think. (This is my second attempt at this blog – I clicked on the “guidelines” to see what they said (not seen those before) and when I tried to get back to my blog, it had disappeared. Oh well, second time lucky.)

The reason I’ve not been around is that my dad was admitted to hospital with a suspected stroke, and was vomiting blood. On top of being desperately worried about him, I then had to look after my mam who also has health problems and doesn’t like being on her own. Luckily, dad was only in hospital a few days – it wasn’t a stroke but an extreme attack of vertigo, and the blood in his vomit was due to a tear in his gullet rather than anything more sinister – so he is now back home and they have both returned to normal thank goodness.

But the whole episode has really shaken me up. The stress has left me feeling very low, tired and lethargic. It’s awful to see my lovely parents looking so frail and old, and the worry of what might happen in the future is so upsetting. I’m an only child so feel the weight of this worry on my shoulders very keenly, although I do have fantastic support from my lovely hubby and two girls, so feel that really I should stop being so self indulgent and give myself a bit of a shake.

During all this, the garden has obviously taken a back seat and it’s only this weekend, venturing out there to do some essential tidying up, that has seen my interest gently reawakened. I’m remembering now just how lovely it is to be out there in my garden, and the good weather we’ve been having has obviously helped. I wouldn’t say I was back to normal yet but do feel better and more interested, and it’s great to see the garden look tidy again.

I’ve just started re-visiting the site and catching up with blogs, and reading the questions and looking at the photos, all of which is helping enormously.

Sorry for the pitying tone of my blog … bet that’s cheered you all up (not!) But thanks for listening folks, it does help to talk about it.

Looking forward to a lot of browsing over the next few days and who knows maybe I’ll post a question or two!

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Welcome back jan65 and I do hope your parents continue as long as possible in better health. A garden is always a good place to shed worries and I hope it does just that. I find that I tend to worry about (what if......) and have to tell myself that I'm just spoiling the Now, so try to wait until When. Easier said than done, but in the garden it is definitely easier. Good luck.

27 Sep, 2009


Hi Jan and welcome back :)
Sorry to hear you've had a rough time recently. Like Mad says, "a garden is a great place to shed worries", so hope you find some stress relief and peace out there.....
Love and Hugs...Di xx

27 Sep, 2009


Thank you Mad and Di, your comments are much appreciated. Am starting to feel much more enthusiastic again after reading some of the blogs! Hope the weather's good tomorrow, have plans to plant a few heathers in my wall and a bag of alliums that I've just been reminded of. Things are looking up methinks.

27 Sep, 2009


Ahh that's great Jan. Happy Planting :))

27 Sep, 2009


Sorry you have had this shock. We tend to take our loved ones for granted don't we? I am pleased that you were able to breathe a big sigh of relief that Your dad is ok. :~))) Our gardens are such a blessing I find. Love Sue xx

27 Sep, 2009


Welcome back Jan. Thank goodness it wasn't anything worse with your Dad ...but it's all very stressful I know.

I have a brother to help with my Mum but I do all the cooking,cleaning,shopping & caring & I certainly feel as tho' all the caring & nursing decisions are down to me as he doesn't want anything to do with that. Glad your parents are back to normal again.

After a spell or 2 in your garden you'll soon feel ship-shape again & any time you want a listening ear there are plenty on here! xx

27 Sep, 2009


glad your dad was ok jan, its a worry when we see our parents getting older, dont think we do notice untill something happens, we think they will go on forever,try not to think ahead to much will just make you feel down, just enjoy having them here for as long as they are, life`s to short really, im sure your garden will help to take your mind off worrying thoughts, take care x

27 Sep, 2009


Great to have you back Jan. I have missed you , in fact only yesterday I checked your outbox to see if you'd been on lately and I hadn't noticed. I'm so glad your parents are recovering now, we're so busy with our own lives we don't realise how they are ageing until something like this happens. As you know GoY is great for lifting the spirits so have a BIG fix! :o))
If it's any consolation, I lost two blogs under the new system and had to do them all again. Doh!

27 Sep, 2009


welcome back Jan my garden helps my sanity too...;-))

27 Sep, 2009


Sorry to hear about your troubles. It's a very stressful time for you. I hope your mam and dad will be allright now.
It does us all godd to have a 'moan' now and then so don't worry about it. You have to get it off your chest.

27 Sep, 2009


Definitely get out in the garden as much as you can - you'll feel less stressed and be able to cope with everything so much better, Jan! I hope your weather is as nice as ours is! :-))

27 Sep, 2009


Aw, thank you all for your lovely comments, they've really cheered me up and nice to know I've been missed! What a lovely bunch you all are. Well I've had a nice lie in this morning - hubby has taken younger daughter to school for me. Am just having a little browse on here and then plan to pop out to the GC as I have a gardening club voucher for a free viola to spend that I'd forgotten about, so want to get that, then it's back to plant my heathers. The weather here today is lovely so am planning a few peaceful hours in the garden (until school finishes at least!) Back to work tomorrow (luckily I only work part-time) so making the most of today and feeling better already. See you all later!

28 Sep, 2009

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