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So, we recently moved to our new home near the forest of Dean and have always loved water in the garden so have bought a waterfall/stream which we want to put in as part of a rockery.

The site is flat so need advice on how to create the hill? Not sure what to use to get the height.

I will post some pictures as we create our garden and would appreciate any feedback, suggestions etc as we work through it.

Looking forward to making some new friends!

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Is this a preformed waterfall stream or a kit with pondliner, tubing and pump. Is the waterfall stream going to empty into a pond or disappear? What I used to build a hill to have two waterfalls empty into a pond was plastic storage containers. I placed them stacked lid end down to form the base structure of the hill. Once I achieved the desired height and shape I filled in the spaces with pond foam and filled in the area with soil and rocks for a natural look. I then added two prefomed waterfalls, one on top of the hill and one midway down which spilled into the pond. Check my photo section to see the end result. I have two ponds, the one I have just described is the water feature with the fairy holding a butterfly in each hand in the top pool-waterfall. The second one I have not described which you may see is a small pond which empties into a stream which empties into a larger pond is something you could do once you have some experience but is not for a beginner if that is the stage you're at. Use your imagination, have flexibility in your construction so if something goes wrong( you will see that getting water to go where you want it to go can be quite a battle sometimes) you can backtrack and try another route and HAVE FUN DOING IT:)

1 May, 2016


I would use bricks from the recycling centre to make the hill, and cover them with turf. Let it dry up and die off.
Then pile more garden soil over it from the pond base.
Then add Herbaceous Plants for a permanent feature.
Keep an eye on it, clear any weed growth off as it germinates to keep the surface clean and solid.
The roots of the plants will help a great deal.

1 May, 2016


welcome to goy :o)

I would certainly build up the height using hard materials rocks /soil etc
what type of water fall/stream etc. rigid or soft liner etc?

I will look forward to watching the progress of your new garden

1 May, 2016

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