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Egg sac


Yesterday I sent pictures of a cottony white sac and inquired if anybody knew what it was. Thank you to the 5 people who wrote back asking more questions or with comments. The white cottony sack belongs to a braconid insect, a wasp to be exact, which is a beneficial to papaya. Pretty neat!

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that's brilliant. Parasitic wasps although gross are amazing.
if you go back to your question and scroll down to the empty comments box you can put this info in and those that commented will told there is another message.

Now I'm just being nosey, where in the world are you?

11 Jan, 2015


I have seen these parasitic wasps pop out of tomato hornworm caterpillars and form individual cocoons but have never seen them congregate all together to form cocoons en masse like that. Very interesting.

12 Jan, 2015


Papaya eh? You must be somewhere nice and warm.

12 Jan, 2015

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