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the back border 2

the back border 2

May 2011. After 2 years i finally got round to getting this iron sheeting out from our back border. It was around 40ft long and was buried 5ft deep. This shot only shows the top half. It is encased in a foot of concrete that had to be broken out. In the end i spent three days, and two diamond cutting blades, cutting it out.

Not only was it unsightly but it also stopped the back 3 ft of garden from geting any moisture whatsoever.

Anyway, its gone now, never to be seen again. And hopefully next summer i will have a lovely planted border.

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Poor you, I am constantly amazed at what is found in gardens. At least now its out you can pat yourself on the back and gain from the benefit of it being gone!

3 Aug, 2011


thanks drc. It was horrible, both to look at and to get out.

3 Aug, 2011


I wonder if it was an old Anderson shelter that was dismantled and put this way?

3 Aug, 2011

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