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Photos tagged as "Lemon"

  • Lemon Balm
    By Judi
  • Lemon Tree Citronnieer La Valette (Citrus La Valette)
    By Dottydaisy2
  • Blossom of lemon shrub/tree
    By Gee19
  • lemon, December 2006
    By Gray
  • Thunbergia alata 'Sunny Lemon' (Thunbergia alata 'Sunny Lemon')
    By Delonix1
  • lemon
    By Popeymike
  • Eucalyptus citriodora - Lemon Gum (Eucalyptus citriodora - Lemon Gum)
    By Delonix1
  • Coreopsis (Coreopsis vercillicata Moonbeam)
    By Dottydaisy2
  • Peace is Perfect
    By Pansypotter
  • Lemon verbena (Aloysia Triphylla)
    By Limpet
  • Bravoure (Narcissus)
    By Lemondog
  • Bravoure (Narcissus)
    By Lemondog