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Photos tagged as "plant"

  • Ghost or Snowflake..but its etheral.. (Aphelandra squarrosa (Zebra plant))
    By Stan510
  • All American Rubber tree. (Ficus elastica (Assam Rubber))
    By Stan510
  • Plant supports..
    By Homebird
  • Musa 'Golden Finger'  - Golden Finger Banana Plant (Musa 'Golden Finger'  - Golden Finger Banana Plant)
    By Delonix1
  • the rock pile...
    By Lori
  • from another angle...
    By Lori
  • Bought at local plant sale... What is it? Anyone?
    By Lori
  • Seedlings of "Mexican Hat Plant"
    By Lori
  • Offsets of "Mexican Hat Plant"
    By Lori
  • Goldfish/Guppy plant in bloom. (Nematanthus)
    By Stan510
  • Yucca Aloifolia Pup (Yucca aloifolia (Dagger Plant))
    By Outernation..
  • Spider plant on shelf in kitchen 15th November 2017 (Chlorophytum comosum)
    By Balcony