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Please help with uploading pictures

North Lincolnshire, United Kingdom Gb

So sorry to have to ask for help again. Spritzhenry very kindly told me exactly how to do it when I first came to this club. Unfortunately I can't find the piece of paper that the instructions were on. I am sitting here tearing my hair out trying and even though I have waited ages after clicking onto my picture computer says, "no". I would like to add 3 pictures of my pond but am completely phased as how to add multiples. Many thanks in anticipation Sue



I assume then that you've gone through the process of getting up your profile, clicking on add photos and then clicked the browse button, selected your photo, pressed open, which takes you back to the page with the "browse" button. At this point, you can't see the picture. When you've done that, you just add a title in the boxes, any other info you want, and press submit. Then you do it all again with the next pic - there's an add multiple photos option, but I don't use that, it seems slower, I just repeat the actions described above until I've added all the photos I want.
If the problem is that the Growsonyou site won't accept your picture, it might be that it's too big - I always resize mine in my computer beforehand to about 800 x 800. Hope that helps.

20 Jun, 2009


Bamboo, if it's any help - with my pics after I press "submit" I do have to wait quite a few seconds (maybe count to 20?!) So i was just wondering whether you'd not done this waiting bit. - ?

20 Jun, 2009


Thankyou so much Bamboo and Weeding. I have been trying all day but I didn't think I had to submit until the pictures came up. I am so chuffed that I have just uploaded 3 pictures which has got me going now for doing some more. Can I put my pictures into a blog entry? Again many thhank I knew I would get the help I needed as every one is so kind.Sue

20 Jun, 2009


will just answer my own stupid question. Of course I can put pictures into a blog entry.

20 Jun, 2009


lol! In response, Weeding, no, I haven't tried waiting, but that's cos I'm so impatient - rather be pressing keys and the mouse than sitting waiting. thanks.

20 Jun, 2009


just out of interest - i do find that sometimes the photos are a bit stubborn and won't go where you want them to, and I'm not sure you can move them either, at least not without removing then re-submitting.

never done multiple photos, now that shows how impatient I am!! On an early blog pics all had to go at the end as I couldn't work out how to intersperse with text. I've never been able to write text then add photos after - have to write/submit/write/submit... do you find that or is it just me?!

20 Jun, 2009


I've used the multi upload and as the pic link always appears at the bottom of the text, I just right click, cut and then paste into the text where I wanted it. Takes a little longer to upload but not much.

Now though, I do tend to add a pic after each bit of text so I don't have to keep reading for the bit where a pic should go, lol.

23 Jun, 2009

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