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how do i kill bamboo

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a large clump was cut down and dug out it is now starting to shoot under my decking how can i get rid?

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not easy im afraid.people who just bury it with the misinformation of garden centres are in for a could do the elbow grease thing,very hard work.i put some in a raised planter near my planter.very atractive i started cracking it so i cut it right down to nothing.this didnt work so i took away the sunlight ie used black polythene.this didnt work very quickly anyway.i poured copias amounts of boling water over it ,loads of salt and still coverd it.this eventualy worked after about 2 years.i couldnt with my bad back dig the dead stump for want of a better word out so i built a sculpture over it.i would get a pick axe ,normal axe buy your mates some lager or wine and have a dig your bamboo out party.sorry there is no easy serlution.

12 Jul, 2009


Roundup should kill it when there are only young shoots, it is a grass so should succumb quite easily. but yiou will have to spray it more than once as it willprobably sprout again from deeper down.

12 Jul, 2009


it will work but it wont be quick i used that to.bamboo is such a resilliant tuff plant

12 Jul, 2009

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