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Hi everyone,one of the stems from my coreopsis as fallen off,i put it in water and its got new roots,i was wondering if i could pot it in unused grow bag and also what coreopsis is, as in does it come back every year or does it die off and its kind care instructions,thanks for any help

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They're not long lived plants, but should survive a few winters - I've had one or two for 5 years, and others that keeled over after two. Pot it up till its bigger, then plant it somewhere a little sheltered in September to over winter.

13 Jul, 2009


Coreopsis is a perennial and will come back and flower every year.

I have several and they saw it through this past cold winter with no problem, you living in Hereford .... not sure how the winter afffected you there though.

As for care instructions .... i don't know that they really have special needs !
Mine are in poor soil in my front garden and they don't get special treatment from me !

13 Jul, 2009


ohh i see, cheers bamboo,ps all other plants i got on your recommendation are doing brilliantly though the campanula seems to be attracting a cat that keeps digging it to cover its mess,is it something to do with type of plant or just unlucky?

13 Jul, 2009


just unlucky! cats find a fav spot and go for it so to speak.

13 Jul, 2009

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