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By Lily2

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

This dahlia was bought as a tuber, pictured as yellow but clearly it isn't. It grows about 4' tall and has HUGE leaves. It has a large bulbous centre.




This dahlia looks quite attractive anyway, so I'd appreciate it as it is. I've found that seed companies often supply tubers that don't produce what is promised. I bought a cactus dahlia two years ago which just produced a common red flower. When I complained, I just got a credit note. There are so many dahlia varieties it is hard to say what this is, other than guessing at something that looks similar.
Other than saying it is a single flowered collarette type, possibly dahlia imperialis, I would say keep it if you like it. Probably better than a yellow one! Could even be unique!

14 Jul, 2009


I have never seen a dahlia with that green, acorn like centre - do they open up at all into stamens? And if it is a dahlia at all, I think its from the "decorative" group.

14 Jul, 2009


I do like it Bertie even though it doesn't 'go' very well in my red and yellow border! That's gardening for you, nature has her own ideas but maybe I'll move it next year. Not unique I'm afraid, my friend bought one at the same time and hers turned out the same!

14 Jul, 2009


Bamboo, I thought that centre very odd too. It definitely has dahlia type leaves. The first 'flower' had no petals at all the centre bit just got bigger and bigger till I cut it off so I don't know if it would have had stamens. There's no sign yet of any developing on the present flowers, have to wait and see. If not, presumably it would be a sterile plant, is this common?

14 Jul, 2009


No, its definitely not common, not that green cone thing - sterile flowers are usually "doubles" and very frilly, where you can't even see a centre cos there's so many ruffly petals. I wish my dad were still alive - he grew exhibition dahlias and knew everything there was to know about them. I hated them as a child because they were always full of earwigs....

14 Jul, 2009


If you type 'dahlia' into Google, and then do a search under 'Images', you can find one or two that look quite similar. But I couldn't find anything that looked exactly like this one.

16 Jul, 2009


I have childhood memories of dahlias full of earwigs too Bamboo, you don't see many around now even on dahlias.
Have had a 'google' but gave up after about page 15 Bertie! I never knew there were so many different dahlias. I shall just enjoy it for what it is as you say, even if it is a bit strange. Thanks to you both for your input.

16 Jul, 2009

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