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When to prune wisteria (blue)

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i have recently taken over a maintainence contract from another company which includes pruning a wisteria.. im told the plant used to flower but after a visit and prune {at the wrong time im suspecting} from the previouse company it has not flowered in two there anything i can do to make this plant flower again and the correct pruning advice would be appreciated as well ...thankyou matthew

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HI Matt welcome to goy .Typically Wisteria pruned twice a year summer pruning after flowering finished(if lucky enough to have some) and winter prune.
In summer cut back those long whispy tendrils to about a finger length from main stem.In winter they can be given a hard prune if required.branches that have grown to desired length can be stopped by pruning ends Ideally Wisteria should have one main trunk with branches faning off this.If plant neglected or badly pruned now (winter) is time to remove excess basal growth.Wisteria should flower before leaves appear if flowers and leaves appear together sign of missed or incorrect pruning.

12 May, 2008


thankyou for your advice...looking forward to the winter prune

23 Jun, 2008

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