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Leicestershire, United Kingdom

My front garden is pretty boring! I have a gravel drive with an evergreen hedge, which I'm happy with but I would like to add some colour and interest so I am thinking container gardening may be the answer. Preferably I would like permanent plants but as I've never ventured in this area before I am interested to know what plants grow successfully in pots, hanging baskets, troughs and window boxes. The house is set a far way from the road so I need some impact. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks



Bamboos grow well in large pots and add impact. A small tree, like a flowering cherry, underplanted with bedding plants/ bulbs and/or grasses in a big planter to create a 'roundabout', would look good, unless you need the space for cars!
A raised planter under the window with scented flowers or bedding plants would also create impact. Could try a 'theme' - all blue, or yelow / white, mediterannean, just grasses, etc.
Need to check how much sun the area gets, as some plants just won't produce their best if they don't get enough, or even too much.
I used to visit the garden centres at different times of the year, to see what's in flower at different times, before I knew what I wanted and ultimately grew to like. Also read the labels on plants and take notes, or buy one of the 'expert' books for ideas.

27 Jul, 2009


Hello Wendiam, thanks for your response. When I posted the question it appeared twice due to my rubbish broadband connection - I have had a good response on the other picture - and I will add your ideas to those. Thanks

27 Jul, 2009

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