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My soil is alkaline, naturally all the cuttings I have been given for my new garden would prefer an acid soil!


By Junie

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

do you think it would be work if I removed some of my soil and planted them in some replacement ericaceous soil? I know I can put them in tubs, but some of the bigger ones (camellia for example) would definitely prefer to be in the soil. Am I wasting my time, any opinions would be most appreciated.



I tried to grow a Rhododendron in my alkaline soil (although I dug a massive hole, and filled with ericaceous soil first) - no good at all. After a month or so the leaves went yellow and curled up. The Rhododendron is now in a pot!!!!

24 Jul, 2009


If your soil is really alkaline you would have to work hard to make an area of it acidic enough to keep acid loving plants happy. Just as we have to accept not growing plants that need an alkaline soil you may have to accept not growing ones that need an acidic soil. Oh and I read somewhere recently of a Rhododendron that is happy to grow in alkaline soil - genetically bred I suspect!

24 Jul, 2009


Thanks to you both, will bear all that in mind.

24 Jul, 2009


it is usually better to grow plants where they would be happiest. I have a camellia in alkaline soil but i have to mulch with acidic leaf mould and feed sequestrine reularly to keep it happy. it was a present otherwise i wouldnt have had one. even though i love them.

25 Jul, 2009

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