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Identify this plant


By Mike38

United States Us

Many thanks to all who replied. I think it is Star of Bethlehem, var nutans.




Looks like an Agapanthus to me beautiful variety know theres a white called A.campanulata but would be guessing at that.

16 May, 2008


If it is flowering now then I would think it was a Camassia myself. L would like to see the flower face on though. It could be one of the taller Ornthiogalums.

16 May, 2008


I don't think it is a Camassia - not tall enough. Possibly an Ornithogalum, as Owdboggy suggested.

16 May, 2008


Does ornithogalum (Star of Bethlehem) have flower spikes ?thought it sent out more delicate stems bearing individual flowers.Camissa five sepals and lily like leaves this has six
and broader leaves.

16 May, 2008


The common Star of Bethlehem (Ornithogalum umbellatum) is indeed different, but this looks like Ornithogalum nutans to me, which is the drooping Star of Bethlehem. :)

16 May, 2008


Not familiar with that one Grammazoo so happy to be educated thanks.

16 May, 2008


Only 'educated' myself when I searched forever online to find out what my Star of Bethlehem were a few years ago, and was suprised at all the different varieties. Just lucky to recognize this one, lol!

16 May, 2008

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