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re planted cordyline and it looks like its dying


By Smalley

United Kingdom

Help ive replanted my cordyline and its looking brown at the bottom and this appears to be moving upwards. Its 4ft high and i would like to save the plant as its taken 4 years to grow.

On plant Cordyline australis




I have three of these and they all have gone like that. Seems to me that it is just the old leaves dieing off.

The two ruby cordylines I have are looking a bit down, but I shall be giving them a good feed.


17 May, 2008


To keep them looking neat, you can pull these off. I have done this on all of mine. It's just the old leaves from previous years.

17 May, 2008


Hi, this is quite normal. if you want height to your cordylines, then it is best to remove most of the bottom section anyway, as this promotes the growth upwards, and produces a fuller, healthier plant.

4 Jun, 2008

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