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transplanting and splitting bleeding hearts


By Mel

alberta, Canada

end of last summer a new shoot came up, it is being over powered by my weeping caragana, i'm hoping to move it, so it can grow. also, i have 3 [4 with the new shoot] one blooms and grows bushy, the other 2 struggle...someone told me to dig the 2 up and split the roots in half and they'll take off...can any one confirm this??

On plant dicentra formosa



I assume your talking about Dicentra? (There are a couple of plants known by the common name of Bleeding Heart, but I think Dicentra is the commonest). Yes, you can lift Dicentra and divide it, but you must do this in autumn or winter. It would not like the disturbance at this time of year one little bit!

18 May, 2008


as a gen rule i wait until flowers have stopped then i dig up then devide root ball and replant. i add growmore to hole before planting and water roots in well.

16 Nov, 2011

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