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What's this plant? 5


By Pip_c

Southern Sydney, NSW, Australia Au

It used to be indoors but started to die so we moved it outside and now it's doing fine




Looks like a rubber plant, but hard to say, does it have a woody stem?

8 Sep, 2009


is it the marantia 'prayer plant'?
the veining 'pleating' doesnt look typical of a rubber plant, well not like the one i've got.

9 Sep, 2009


No, Bamboo, it doesn't really have a stem, it's more sheathing

10 Sep, 2009


Not rubber plant then, and Seaburn's right about the appearance of the leaves not being typical of one anyway, they also don't look thick enough. not sure what it is I'm afraid

10 Sep, 2009


Could it be Ficus lyrata?

10 Sep, 2009


Just had a look on google images Bamboo it looks a lot like Ficus lyrata but not exactly the same, I'm afraid

10 Sep, 2009


IS it a Spathiphyllum or a Calathea?

4 Oct, 2009


I doubt it, well, not any of the varieties I know about or have in my book, anyway, Calathea usually has patterned leaves of some kind, and Spathyphyllum has much narrower, smaller leaves.

5 Oct, 2009


Just found a tag buried under the soil in the pot Bamboo IT IS A SPATHIPHYLLUM! Thank goodness I finally found out... :-)

9 Oct, 2009


B....y hell - I've got a spathyfillum and it looks nothing like this, much narrower leaves and only gets to about 10 inches. Does it say which variety it is?

9 Oct, 2009


Apparently it's "Sensation Junior".

11 Oct, 2009


Well you learn something every day - thanks, Pip.

11 Oct, 2009


That's OK Bamboo, thanks for all your help

12 Oct, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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