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Salvia Mystic Spires


By Bamboo

London, United Kingdom Gb

Anyone out there growing this plant? Got it today, sold as a perennial but its so lovely, I can't believe it's gonna get through a winter - anyone had one since last year actually in the garden which overwintered and grew again this year?



We grow it as a annual plant at the nursery, which the suppliers call it. We over winter any left at the end of the season, but as no heating is used until February they just about make it through the winter but only because the greenhouse heats up at the slightest bit of sun. and the low walls retain some of the heat where the benches are.

They barely pull through the overwintering in the greenhouse, so with the damp and cold together outside, i would very much doubt it.

11 Sep, 2009


Now that's just what I didn't want to hear - but suspected I would. Thanks Nicky - might try to get it through by repotting, wrapping in bubble wrap, leaving on my south facing balcony right up against the wall with a sheet of glass over it. the garden centre where I bought it said it should survive the winter...

11 Sep, 2009


I had some last year - which answers the question - it didn't make it through the Czech winter although I was told that it was "mrazuvdorny" ie would survive frosts. I don't actually buy anything that isn't designed to do so but this didn't survive. I have some much smaller salvias, almost miniatures, similar colour, no name, which did get through ok.

11 Sep, 2009


Oh, woe is me!

11 Sep, 2009


Could try some cuttings Bamboo. I had a look at the catalogue at the nursery todayand it comes under 'annual bedding'.

12 Sep, 2009


I've had a good look to see if I can take any cuttings, but all the growths have flowered - any suggestions as to how I'd do it?

12 Sep, 2009


Just thought you might like to know, Nick, that I nipped off one of the side shoots about 4 or 5 weeks ago (tiny) shoved it in a tiny bottle full of water on the windowsill in my kitchen and ta da, roots have appeared! I'm so thrilled, wish I'd done several...

29 Oct, 2009

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