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By Susan34

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purchased actinidia 18 months ago followed instructions re planting new leaves curled and brown fell off was informed it was caused by infestation and told to spray--this year fresh leaves appeared lasted 2 months again died off.
1]do i give up ans dig out?
2]was thinking of replacing with photinia-pink marble and train up fence? your thoughts please



I think I'd give it one more year. This year has been very wet and this will have caused alsorts of problems.

but the photinia is a nice plant.

22 Nov, 2012


If it is A. kolomikta then persevere as it's lovely when it has the white and pink splashes on the leaves. Sometimes plants need a couple of years to get going. The Photinia would be difficult to keep trained on a fence. I think you would end up fighting with it all the time! I staple bean netting on the fence ( 6 ft wide so just right going on sideways) and the Actinidia twirls around it to climb and it's invisible from a few feet away.

22 Nov, 2012

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