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Hi all, I have a small gunnera planted this year and I want to know if I am overwintering it correctly. It is planted in a large plastic tank that is berried in a large raised bed, so it's roots stay wet. I currently have a bucket filled with newspaper over it. It has two small crowns about 5" across. I am in Shropshire and we are prone to bad frosts. I have looked a fleece and it looks very thin so would lots of lays pegged down do the job. I chucked the leaves when I trimmed it back, they would not have been any use as they were to small.
Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Thanks.



I just fold the dead leaves over the crown, when I remember! I forgot to do this last year and the gunnera survived OK. Fleece, leaf litter or a heap of soil conditioner would be alright to use.

20 Nov, 2012


Anything will do really, although in truth, most Gunnera will survive most winters uncovered.

Leaves, fleece, straw or anything along those lines will just give the crowns that extra bit of help through the winter.

21 Nov, 2012


Great, thanks for the help.

21 Nov, 2012


I hope the tank has some drainage holes in the bottom.

22 Nov, 2012

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