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During the summer months I put my indoor potted plants outside to benefit from a bit of sunshine, I emphasis "bit", and bring them back in around the beginning of autumn. My problem is that the plants and pots bring in a lot of unwanted pests that have made their homes in the pots and on the foliage. Can anyone recommend a treatment to rid these pests before I bring them back into the house. Thanks.



You will have to spray them with an insecticide, and it might be useful to use a combined fungicide/insecticide, in case there are any traces of rust or mildew as well. I'd recommend Roseclear 3 - you'll need a spray bottle to mix it up in though, otherwise, just a proprietary systemic combined fungicide/insecticide. Do check, though, that any product you buy is okay to use on all your houseplants - some products exclude certain plants, in particular houseplants, from its use.

12 Oct, 2009

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