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By Heron

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I can't seem to find TT's blog on Conker, has anyone heard anything?



there was one recently. i am sure conker is doing ok.

17 Oct, 2009


Type 'Terratoonie' into the search box, then you will find her home page and blogs.

He's a bit better - his cheek abscess has been sorted! :-))

17 Oct, 2009


we have a large conker tree outside the front of my house and it is now changeing coulor. it is grate every season and we have no truble with kids climbing for conkers it is a male , and the flowers are better than the femail I think.

18 Oct, 2009


Cliffo - we're talking about Terratoonie's dog, who has been very ill.

Aside from that, I've got a lovely Horse Chestnut tree as well, and the village children don't seem to want the conkers any longer. :-((

18 Oct, 2009


Ho im sorry I thought you were talking about the tree when Heron said about conkers, I sincerly hope the dog gets better, by the way the flowers are a diferent coulor on a mail arn't they,

18 Oct, 2009

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