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A root problem with Wisteria

shropshire, United Kingdom Gb

Q.Will the root of a well established Wisteria do any damage to a walled area around it. It is planted 7in away from the wall, inside of a 2x3ft walled area and been growing there for 2years. Will it need to be moved to save the wall.



Tricky one to answer, I suspect a lot depends on what sort of 'footings' the wall is built on. I have a friend who has an enormous one against the wall of an outhouse with no problems. However your wall sounds a bit small. It may be a good idea to keep it in check.

19 Oct, 2009


Thanks for that, it's my cousins problem realy. I was praising the GoY freindship. Then he popped that Q. to me I said I didn't know, but I know someone that will .I will tell him in the morning. Frank

19 Oct, 2009


By the way Heron he was a builder before he became ill. So I think the wall will have been done right.

19 Oct, 2009


Only comment I'd make is 7 inches is too close for the health of the plant, never mind the health of the wall! Should be a foot away minimum, really, but never mind now, if its been in 2 years. I don't believe the roots will cause a problem with the wall if, as Heron says, the footings are good, or there are, in fact, footings - really old walls don't have them at all, often.

19 Oct, 2009


The 7inches is from the short wall 1ft high but 7ft from any other wall. The wisteria is trained up and over some trellising and onto a pergola. It does look quite effective. Frank

19 Oct, 2009


It sounds beautiful Frank, We all like Wisteria but not all of us can have one as they need lots of attention and space.

20 Oct, 2009

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