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Volusia County Florida, United States Us

I have been given these tubers in various stages of growth - 1" tubers with single stem and few leaves to large tubers with heavy stem and lots of leaves. The ones I put in shade seem to be growing rapidly. The ones in full sun wither, but stay green. What soil, what sun to get them to bloom ASAP? They grow wild here roadside, in sand - why are mine having trouble? Maybe taproots not growing?



You will have to get someone in your part of the world to answer this, I am afraid, as they are not a plant I know over here.

30 May, 2008


mine are grown in part sun/part shade. I couldnt't kill them if i tried and i have. Somehow they jumped to the total other side of my house which is in deep shade after 9am. In my area they start coming up in june and almost appear overnight, the flowers open in the evening. my dirt is not sandy but dark and rich, try adding compost. good luck

30 May, 2008


What are they, please?

31 May, 2008


Grown as an annual above zone 8, tubers, if cut back they branch heavily. The blooms on mine are all dark rose - but some have mixed colors. Grows readily from seed, has a taproot. Noticeable type of stem: it is segmented, with streaks of burgundy on green stems. I wanted them for the corner of my large sandy yard - the steady propagation would no be a problem there. I may have damaged taproots in some transplants? Thanks for the help - will post photo

1 Jun, 2008

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