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my pansies have got black spots on the leaves



Most of us have had this lately give them a spray them with a fungcide every 2 weeks

16 Nov, 2009


Prevention is better than cure. Still spray though.

Dithane is probably the best.

16 Nov, 2009


On the bright side, it is said to be a sign of unpolluted air.

16 Nov, 2009


True:-) Every cloud eh?

16 Nov, 2009


It may be due to being overly wet and cold. They do it at the nursery around this time of year esp if in pots. I believe its oedema, the cells burst as the conditions are to wet. Pansies i think can be a bit fussy at times, not to wet or dry, dont like it really cold even thou winter bedding plants!

16 Nov, 2009

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