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Viburnum suddenly dying

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Hope you can all help us. We have a small but beautiful viburnum tree that has always had abundant beautiful fragrant blooms, until this year, when only a few branches bloomed and much of the tree appears to either be dying or have died. What might cause this? Much of the tree appears to have lichens on the branches - could this be a problem? Could we have an infestation? Do we need fertilizer?

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How old is it? Plants do have a life span you know.

1 Jun, 2008


We do not know. The house is about 25 years old and the tree was here when we bought it in late 2004. That is probably not very helpful. I'm wondering if the grub problem we have in the rest of the yard is causing the problem. We have a golden retriever (very prone to cancer) and a 1 yr old daughter, so we would prefer non-chemical alternatives to pesticides. Any ideas? Thanks for your response!

2 Jun, 2008

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