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By Arlene

Swansea, United Kingdom Gb

Hi there ~has anyone taken cuttings from a Rubber Plant other than layering?
My daughter has been given an absolute monster which she has no room for and wants to take cuttings before it has to go ~ hints and tips gratefully received as she wants maximum success rate for a Christmas fayre!



I think air layering (which is perhaps what you are referring to) is the best method. It is rather messy to do, but I found it worked well. Just damage the stem where you want it to root, tie a plastic bag around the stem, push in some moist fibrous compost (easier said than done), tie the neck of the bag up round the stem, and in a couple of months it will have rooted. You then cut through the stem just below the roots.
You'd have to plan for a Xmas Fayre in 2010 though, as there's no way anything would root by any method by the end of December.

2 Dec, 2009


~ Thanks Bertiefox but we don't have time to air layer which I have done before with success, as this plant is about 7 feet tall and 5 feet wide with lots of branches and she doesn't have room for it~I was thinking of cutting off the growing tips with about 4/5 leaves max and using rooting gel and putting it in a sealed polythene bag in my heaterd greenhouse~ I think she is being a bit ambitious for Christmas too~maybe Easter!

2 Dec, 2009


I have tried many times with out success i am afraid to say arlene.
you might just be lucky but rooting in 3 weeks for xmas is pushing it i think.

give it a try anyway.

2 Dec, 2009

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