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hello everyone i hope you had a good xmas and i hope you have a great new year . i know this is a strange question this time of year .there was a question about mistletoe excuse my spelling and it got me thinking .i dont seam to have come across any of the real stuff as im very interested in growing it. ive herd you have to grow it in a fruit tree but id rather grow it in my acer varigated tree .sorry im dyslexic i cant do latin names lol .does it need much sun.i imagine it does hence being so high in trees .will it be ok in my acer or does it need a fruit tree ? if anyone has any have a kiss under it from me and plaese send me a cou[ple of burries and any helpfull info please . take care bye bye
ps if you can get some private message me and ill give you my address and a tiger print that i drew the origional for .ive been looking everywear and i just still cant find any.i only theoreticly need 1 whole fruit but having more will give me more chance of sucses . please ow PLEASE ,pretty pleas can anyone help .have a happy new year and look forward to a more than happy spring. ow bye the way PLEEEEEEeeeeeEEEEEEEeeeeeeaAAAAaaaaaAaaaAAssssssSSSSSSSSsssssss help lol xx




Leigh, from what I've read, mistletoe likes trees with cracks in the bark, so that it can get established easily - that's the first thing. That's why apple trees are a good 'host'. I also read that it prefers the same type of tree as the one where it grew - now this could be a load of nonsense, but could have a grain of truth in it, I suppose.

I do know that it takes a long, long time to germinate and thrive - so if you do get some berries, be patient! Has your Acer got deep fissures in its bark?

Good luck, anyway. :-))

29 Dec, 2009


hello spritz hope you had a good xmas and i wish you a happy new year ie the spring and summer acer i think was cut to a shape before i got it .its strate up to about 6` then about 5-7 branches all grow up to about 18` .i think it would look nice and do well right in the middle of the branches . my biggest problem is actualy sourcing some of the berries believe it or not at this time of year .anyway thanx for your answer and if you do get the chance to grab a few berries for me i will willingly send you one of my tiger prints.i should think 3-4 will do just to make sure at least one takes .bye for now xx and take care

29 Dec, 2009


Nosey' I can only send you a what it said in my amateur gardening mag, quot, it is often though that introducing mistletoe to the garden is difficult, however, it is possible and can be a relatvely simple process but you will need a little patience as it can sometimes take up to 2 years for germination, the most successful introductions occur where the ripe berries are taken from a mistletoe plant growing on the same host species as the intended new host, the most common hosts include apples, lime, hawthorn, and poplar, harvest fresh berries from the mistletoe, wipe them clean of the viscous sap and press the seed into the deep fissures of the bark of the potential host around the junction of branches and boughs, this is believed to mimic the wiping of a birds beak after it has eaten, it is worth trying with several seeds as it is an imprecise art and also, at least two plants are required to produce berries as mistletoe has male and femail plants. so there you go, hope this helps, have a good one mate,

29 Dec, 2009


thank you cliffo im glad i know that mate . i cant believe im having trouble actualy getting any berries to start with . the chances are ill see some in a house or on a front door so finding out what tree it came from probably wont be easy .i do want berries ie male and female so thanx again cliffo . if anyone gets dragged under any at a new years doo for a sloppy kiss lol can you reach up and grab some for me please PLEASE even pretty please lol .anyway everyone have a happy new year bye for now xx

29 Dec, 2009


I have an idear that there are places that sell the seeds,this way you will get all the info with them, why not serch the net, you never know,

29 Dec, 2009


nosey' I have just gone on google, and typed in mistletoe seeds for sale in the UK, try it mate you will get a big surprise

29 Dec, 2009


ow brilliant cliffo i thaught you needed the berry to stick them wear there going but sounds good thank you so much me old mucker

29 Dec, 2009

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