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I am thinking of buying a viburnum...guelder rose...what growth can I expect in first year?



That depends on so many factors, like soil fertility, size of plant, sunlight, water...............Best conditions you should get between a foot and 18 inches.

24 Mar, 2013


Also depends on the cultivar, for example compactum will have smaller mature size so I would expect somewhat slower growth rate, roseum would have faster growth rate but will not produce berries

24 Mar, 2013


You asked this question a few days ago. If you are still looking at Opulus, then nana reaches only about 2' and rarely flowers. Notcutts Variety grows to about 12' good autumn colour and berries. Roseum has snowball flowers, no berries and again grows quite tall. There is another one whose name I forget that flowers and berries but is not nearly as tall as Notcutts. (Shame I can't remember the variety because its one I've got!) So how much growth you would expect in a year would depend on which variety you went for - the taller ones will put on more growth in a season.

24 Mar, 2013

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