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Low evergreen path-edging...?

Hi everyone! I'm about to to revamp my front garden, and am looking for dwarf evergeen plants to edge the path. I love the planting in this photo, but can't work out what the edging plants are (or even if they're evergreen). Does anyone know? Or can anyone recommend something suitable?

Thanks in advance. :)




It's hard to be sure from the distance in the photo, but I'd hazard an educated guess at Buxus microphyllus - dwarf Box in other words. Doesn't flower, but will eventually create a low, mini hedge. Flowering options which keep their leaves in winter and remain fairly neat, but will remain much lower than the Buxus in the picture, hmm, well, Campanula portenschlagiana (used to be Campanula muralis, still sold as that sometimes), or Helianthemum, which does prefer sun and will need cutting back after flowering to stop it sprawling too much. Otherwise, Hebe youngii. If you want a low hedge effect without flowering, then Euonymus microphyllus comes in two variegated options.

19 Apr, 2013


I'd go for buxus too or there is the small euyonoumous that is tough as nails and very hardy.

19 Apr, 2013


Thanks so much, both. :) How tall does Euonymus microphyllus become? Some sites say 20cms, others say 1m (!).

19 Apr, 2013


At maturity, it'll be a metre, but its quite slow growing and responds well to clipping or pruning.

19 Apr, 2013


Thank you! :)

19 Apr, 2013


Or you might consider Ilex crenata - looks just like box but no danger of the disease that's killing a lot of box now.

19 Apr, 2013

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