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If I get a gloriosaplants Superba Rothschildiana
Could I take the bulb indoors when it finishes flowering or is it a bare root plant what would be the best way to keep it for the next year, as I know they don't like the cold.



Needs to be in a green house or conservatory - not a plant for outdoors in the UK as it can't take temperatures below 5˚C

26 Apr, 2013


Gloriosa rothschildiana grows fine during the summer outside in the UK - esp in sheltered and southern places and big cities. From late September onwards keep it on the dry side and BEFORE the first frosts cut it down to just above root level and store on the dry side until spring. If you leave it till it is frosted it will blacken and never recover from my experience.

I find it quite hard to restart growth. Having the sprouting end higher than the rest of the roots seems to help.

26 Apr, 2013


THanks to you both Kildermorie and Moon grow I will try again with it as I do like it and even if I do only have it for the season it's better than not at all

26 Apr, 2013

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