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Pls id these 2 plants.

The one in the foreground - is it a Bromeliad or an Agave or neither? I just love the foliage! Very tempted to haul one home. LOL!

The one in the background - the foliage is all purplish on top. Our NParks plant them along pathways.

Thank you for reading :)



The foreground shrub, a berberis atropurpurea and the front a variegated yucca?

24 May, 2013


yep...i'd agree with the above. Could it be Yucca flaccida ? might be a bit too upright for flaccida though

24 May, 2013


Definitely a Yucca, not sure of the variety, never seen one that colour before. It also does not appear to have any hanging threads from the edges of its leaves, which knocks out both Y. flaccida and Y. filamentosa, and its definitely not Y. elephantipes nor Y. gloriosa, so can't help on variety.
I'd agree with the Berberis ID too, but your photo makes it look very purplish blue indeed...

24 May, 2013


The front plant looks like a variegated form of Furcraea foetida. The background might be a variety of Hawaiian Snow Bush (Breynia nivosa).

25 May, 2013

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