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I was out for a nice meal this evening in Glasgow city centre. What's this got to do with gardening you ask? Well, while walking up Hope Street we came accross a big pile of rubbish and strewn in amongst it was a whole load of (I assume because I dont know) privet hedging. So we went into the pub and had a discussion about how to get this home (bearing in mind it was lying right on the busiest street in Glasgow). Obviously it was totally embarrasing carting it to the car in our glad rags. However we decided to go for it and loaded it in to the boot. What a laugh you can just picture it. Anyway my question is this, we have about 12 hedges with all the roots and soil attached and the height is about 8-10 inches. Given that it is totally freezing just now, can I plant them and if not how do I store them so they don't die. Btw best giggle we've had in years although major clean up of the boot will be required tomorrow! Lol.



Must have had a wee glass or two with the meal, eh, Guest ;-0
Whilst the weather is very cold I wouldn't think that your ground is frozen over just yet. Dig a trench in the garden and just plonk the small trees in it, buncherd together and at a 45degree angle (approx). Tread them in and leave them until the weather is a little kinder and you have decided wher you want to use them.
Hope the food was good!
Why not come back and join us as GoY members. We have a sense of humour as well.

30 Jan, 2010


Thanks, I am a member of GOY but obviously the vino has started to kick in and I forgot to sign in. Food was fab even better that we came home with a boot full of plants! Will dig a trench tomorrow, thanks again!

30 Jan, 2010


best excuse for not logging in :o))

30 Jan, 2010


Shame on you, Penny, and its only early yet!!!!!

30 Jan, 2010


Och well its cold and dark, whats a girl to do! I'm making plans to transform my bit of garden this spring so I will probably post quite a lot over the next few weeks and lean on all of you experts.

30 Jan, 2010


The ground may be frozen now - I'm in Glasgow too, so if it is get a bag of compost and put the plants in to the bag. All you're trying to do at the moment is keep the roots covered. If they stay in the composts for any length of time don't forget to water them. I planted 300 box plants just before Christmas in my own garden ( I'm making a small hedge around my planting beds) but had to wait until last week when the snow melted to get more and plant those.

30 Jan, 2010


loved your story and could imagine the whole episode!!!
hope you have success with your spoils !! lol

31 Jan, 2010

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